In 2012, after my father passed, I wanted to give back to our veterans some how, that is when I began a journey to honor our service men and women, pay tribute to the prisoners of war and the fallen.

BlackOut, is a 1999 Freightliner Classic with a  Detroit 650 hp diesel engine, the Truck was created to do just that Honor our Service Men and Women.

The truck is Outfitted and designed in the matte black color and the black and white American flags, symbolize the sacrifices veterans have made.

BlackOut takes part in various events upon invitation, The Truck has been featured at such events as Rolling Thunder in  Washington DC, Numerous  9/11 Memorial Parades,  Wreathes Across America,  A Multitude of Veteran fundraisers and charity events,  Has Lead the God Bless America Ride, Supported  PTSD events,  numerous trips to the local VA Hospital, funerals, and various escorts for our current, former and deceased military heroes.

BlackOut also helps with fundraising drives, collects and makes packages of hygiene products donated by groups and organizations to take and distribute to the local VA hospital patients.

Currently, BlackOut is recognized as a Non Profit, and runs on both donations and sales of various attire.

This year, so far, Black Out has accumulated 2300 miles, participated in 29 events, at a cost of approximately $3000 in fuel alone this does not include the cost of wear & tear and routine maintenance.  With the year not quite over, there are still several more events for BlackOut to participate in.

BlackOut has been recognized by the Veterans Administration in 2016,  and received  The United States Veterans Support Award, in addition it has been Featured in Overdrive Magazine several times and Reported on by Local News Stations in the area.

In order to keep BlackOut running, to be a part of and serve the community in the WV, PA, MD, DC  area and beyond, (we are now travelling to local NASCAR Tracks by invitation)  we are asking you to consider supporting BlackOut’s mission with donation or sponsorship.  Our Online Store provides funds directly to the Trucks Mission.

As a 501.c.3, any donation or sponsorship you make is tax deductible. You may use any BlackOut pictures for promotional purposes.  BlackOut is more than a vehicle, it is a special tribute to all, and serves as a reminder to all about the sacrifices made by our men and women, especially those who never made it home.

Charle “Chuck” Timbrook
Owner/Operator, BlackOut

Black Out Veterans Tribute
49 Powell Lane
Martinsburg, WV

Non Profit 501.c.3 #82-2614995