Black Out Veterans Tribute Inc.                                                                                                   

Nonprofit account #: 82-1624995

        My name is Charles Timbrook, the owner and constructor of the custom Veterans Memorial Truck, “Black Out”. This unit took me 7 years to build and I have devoted over $160,000 of my own earnings to create this masterpiece. It is continuously a work in progress and everyday I search for a better way to represent our fallen.

Everyday, over the past 10 years, this truck has stood as a representation for what I could give back for our armed forces. I feel severely passionate about our message that stems from having a veteran as a father myself. Regretfully, I chose a different career path. Instead of enlisting, I was raised within a trucking family and followed my fathers footsteps into this pathway. My father, Charles E. Timbrook Sr., From 2010- 2012 helped form the statement we make today and I’m honored to represent his legacy and the others who fought. My dad was enlisted and fought in the Korean war, but respectively and thankfully came home, unlike so many others. I started to build this truck with my father and since his passing have continuously revolutionized the original idea in his name. Sadly, my father never had the opportunity to see the completion of our hard work and passed in early 2012. I hope that I can leave this monumental part of my life with a strong enough following so that, when the time comes, my sons can continue my work as I did my fathers.

In 2016, I sadly came under severe health issues featuring a life-threatening heart attack, which had left me with a 7% chance to live. After surviving this obstacle, I now know why God granted me a second chance at life, and I will continuously spend everyday I have been granted spreading the message that needs most heard apart from God himself. This is the path I know has now been chosen for me and I celebrate it.

Since then I have been forced to retire from professional trucking, and with household funding cut to bare minimum of survival I have since been granted my nonprofit account to continue my hard work. Since creating the nonprofit in 2017, we have gained enough of a following to help with proceeds towards yearly maintenance updates. It has been a rough ride, yet I wouldn’t change it if I could.

We have helped so many veterans and veteran families but in the same token they have helped me more to grow my mindset and view of their endeavors. With the lack of financial assistants, I regretfully can no longer fund the truck from my own pocket and continuously search for growth opportunity’s within the community to expand our financial stretch. Our following has been an enormous support system, for when people hear the story of our truck it not only educates them but will always leave a reminder in their hearts of the importance of our veterans and service personal. My goal for this tribute is to visit every state across the U.S. But have sadly been confound to the north eastern region alone. With hopes of future expanding, we should be able to benefit the nonprofit organizational financing so we can not only visit patriotic events, but so we can visit and donate to veterans all over in the manner of which we have done in our own hometown. We have collected, purchased and donated over $8,000 in goods and essentials to the homeless veterans dorm at the VA hospital located in Martinsburg, WV. Our hopes of expansion would make it possible to not only do this at home but all over the nation. They gave so much, it’s time to give back.

Blackout is a one-of-a-kind tribute serving as a representation for our veterans, fallen soldiers, POW, active duty and all in the field to serve, protect and stand for the American nation.

In 2010, I purchased this truck in PA, adding to my fleet of four personally owned by me. I payed $15,000 for the truck and started the long process to turn it into what it is today. Right after purchasing, I rebuilt the engine, and what was once a freight-liner has now been recreated into a 60 series Detroit, 650 HP, and including a 15 speed OD transmission with 8 in. pipes. Not only including the wicked sound system, this truck’s roar can be heard in resemblance to 100 Motorbikes together. This memorial is an eye catcher and has typically been the center of attention at most events. Our unit is 31 Ft. Long and pulls a 17 Ft. Black Out memorial trailer along with it. Our flags tower above 12 Ft. and they include all military, police and fire. Our American flag and state flag (of hosted event) will always fly 30 Ft. on a designated display pole. Our trucks entertainment features include but are not limited to Patriotic music selections, Screened patriotic representations of American and veteran affairs, At 12 p.m. Daily the National anthem is played and celebrated, and at 7 p.m. Daily the National Ceremonial “Taps” is played in remembrance to those who died for or after fighting for our country.

         Our mission is to spread the importance and appreciation for those who have put their lives at risk for our everyday freedom and to open the eyes that freedom isn’t free. The memorial that I present is the right fit to get the message out, reminding those who may have forgotten the importance of honoring the people who have and are putting their lives on the line for us to have celebratory events. We are a respectful and peaceful patriotic salute to the fallen. Our truck is NOT a stance for political or government statement and serves only the purpose of spreading the knowledge, thankfulness and tribute to those who have earned it most. We take everyday to celebrate the fallen and their sacrifice, and the continuous sacrifice of those still on the field. We’ve shaken the hands of over 2 million veterans, and in 2016 the United States Veterans Association awarded Blackout with the Veterans Seal of Support. Since then, We have also received award letters from Net Work for Good, American Legion, The VFW (The Veterans of Foreign Wars) and several others expressing support for our message.

We have attended over 15+ Bike weeks, 3 Bike Fests, 40+ Honor Rides, and average at 26-30+ events a year including parades, flag retirement ceremony’s, and have hosted 4 Veterans tribute events ourselves. The truck has been featured in 5 different magazines including Over Drive Magazine, Gear Jam Magazine, Truck and Toy Magazine, Farmers and Trucks Magazine,and Carlisle Truck Nationals Magazine. We have been broadcasted on our local news 8 times, 25 Alive four-state region. Every year we are invited to be presented at Ocean City, MD’s Bike week and Auto week. In which we are the only semi to be granted permission to be featured in the Ride of Honor. We are the sole music provider for the Ride, that also draws attention from over 1,000 people. We are the only unit that is aloud to participate end to finish in this monumental display of gratitude. Our truck has been invited to be welcomed as the only semi- granted permission for access to the board walk, because we happened to be lighter than a common firetruck. That being said, we show honor and respect larger than any normal unit.

Being as we are a small nonprofit organization we have not received any large sponsorship. All of our earnings for this monument, are produced solely by our following and their donations. We value each and every donation received from our group of supporters, but have been looking for further partnership to expand our name and help reduce the financial responsibilities. We have come a long way but would soon one day like to see a nationwide celebration of our message with the help and benefit of larger sponsors. This goal is not unachievable and our team will spend everyday spreading our message to get us to our desired objective.

We thank you for your acknowledgment and time, and encourage your stance for our message.

God Bless Our veterans and the American nation.


The Black Out Tribute Team